Embracing emotions

Life 5.0

Could our feelings have a far greater evolutionary purpose than just judging them as pleasant or unpleasant

From the industrial revolution to the current information age we have been working on making our lives more comfortable by either material or information gathering. Through this journey, although our physical surroundings and computational ability have significantly improved, yet, the feeling of fulfilment continues to elude us.

Should we remain contented by continuing to invest in only physical and cognitive facets, or are there new frontiers to explore?

Could it be that somewhere we are ignoring our pivotal emotional space?

Feelings have at one end the capability of creating meaning, joy and fulfillment, while at the other, could be the cause of our own destruction.

It is from this that the concept of SAMAI has been born.

SAMAI or Life 5.0, is to create a more integrated and fulfilled life. Through its 5-stage process one can relearn to harness the power and magic of our emotional space.

This is the process of “Emotional Involution”.

In Jainism, an ancient eastern spiritual practice, samai is the time taken by one who has come to terms with their emotions to reach the highest realms in the universe.



stage process

The process of emotional involution comprises of just five simple steps. However, the real magic is experienced not in its knowing but in its very practice.
Listed below is a brief summary of the 5 stage process:

Touching lives



It’s just a couple of years since we have started sharing the SAMAI ethos. We’re delighted with the feedback received so far.


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The Mystery of Time

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Heart of

all matter

Feelings are pivotal at all that we do, experience or think. Here is a brief list of the facets of life where the emotional involution techniques of SAMAI are being applied to add colour to our lives.